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Our scenarios are designed to take you to another world. A world of crime, mystery and adventure. By crossing our door, you are instantly transported there. Are you a big fan of logic games and puzzles of all kinds? Our stories are strewn with pitfalls that will make you brainstorm. Your time is counted, literally, and ranked among those of others. Do you think you can beat the records set by previous players with a minimum of clue? Prove it!
Asylum is the perfect place to go out with friends. Located on Saint-Charles, a street crowded with restaurants and bars, the perfect place to have fun before and after your escape. Do you want an extraordinary experience for your birthday or that of a loved one? An escape game is exactly what you need! Escape games are very dependent on cooperation, mutual aid and resourcefulness. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team and strengthen the bonds that unite their members by organizing an escape game.

Asylum offers two different scenarios in which you can immerse yourself.

1. The disappearance of the artist

In recent months, a wave of mysterious disappearances has swept the city. This time, it is the turn of Gustav Dali, a controversial but brilliant artist, to miss the call. The Montreal Museum of New Arts, saddened by the news and determined to find the star of their last exhibition, hired the best detective agency in the country (yours) to find Gustav. Your team has chosen to begin research in Mr. Dali's studio, where the artist spent most of his time.


2. The zero room

You and your friends were on your way to the United States for a well-deserved vacation, far from it all. You wake up together in a hotel room. However, none of you can remember how you got there or where you are. You quickly realize that you are unable to leave this room. You can't immediately put your finger on it, but there is something disturbing about this piece.

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Escape Games, Package for 10 people  (team-building, groupes)
460-C, Longueuil
28 June 2020
249.99 CAD 300.00 CAD (-17%)
Escape room games - Entrance for 4 people
Rue Saint-Charles Ouest, Longueuil
28 June 2020
99.99 CAD 120.00 CAD (-17%)


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